Terry Owens

I was set in my ways pushing wood and touring until one fateful night when I was 19. The driver fell asleep at the wheel - jumped a 70-something-foot drainage ditch on the southbound 15 and ended my skate career. Having multiple surgeries, living in a hospital, and then bed ridden at my parents, I didn't know what I was gonna do. Long story short I gave up the clean image and started getting heavily tattooed. I made friends with a handful of tattoo artists and I would be asked if I could clean up images on the light box. I kindly said ok. It had all begun.

A new found passion has risen. Now I was doing my own work. From then on I knew what I wanted to do: bring forth emotions from a old world stand point - when art was filled with timeless emotions and made you think. Loved or hated, it's not about the money. It's about bringing other worldly fantasies to life. To let creativity flow once again in this drab world of SHIT.

I came from a Christian household. My dad was a pastor but judged no one. He was one of the last men standing that I can appreciate in that field. My love for the occult is well-spoken and, usually, whatever I'm reading will spawn a few pieces. I find beauty in the female form and bring a body of light to the picture. For the right minded person - should you have any questions or interest in commissioning me, I'm always open for collaborations.



Niki Urban is a Polish-American artist living in metro Detroit, Michigan. She graduated from College for Creative Studies (Detroit) in 2012, and has been continuing working on various projects ever since. Her inspirations come mostly from nature and the dark side of the imagination. Drawing on paper with fine tipped ink pens are Niki's preferred medium, as she is able to achieve great detail with the pens, and charcoal comes second. Her approach to drawing has been described as "obsessive" because of the meticulous detail and attention involved, particularly when it comes to the ink drawings.